Hi there!

I’m a Philadelphia-based technology consultant and writer. After long weeks of traveling early in my career, I developed a habit of heading out to a local park bench on Saturdays to read, reflect, and ground my week.

Fast forward a few years, and I now write the brilliantly-titled newsletter Thoughts from a Bench to bring that same serene experience to you. (Minus the squirrel watching.)

What kind of thoughts, exactly?

Each week, I cover how ideas from psychology, philosophy, music, and more can help you live a more grounded, self-aware life. I enjoy connecting the dots across these disparate fields, sometimes in unexpected ways. Here are a few of my older posts, so you can get the idea:

  1. Trying not to fool oneself

  2. Playing hard to get

  3. We regret to inform you

In every edition, the main ideas I share are actionable and substantiated by credible thinkers, leaders and artists. I stay away from opinionated ramblings, conspiratorial speculation, and political chatter.

I’m committed to delivering sound ideas that will help you ground your week, just as they do for me.

How often do new articles come out?

Every Friday, usually around lunch time.

Where do I sign-up?

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Where is the bench?

The original bench has since been replaced, but once existed in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.

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